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Land-based salmon farming is here ? with no escaping or diseased fish affecting wild salmon runs
This week ASF hosted an international conference bringing together nearly 90 experts on land-based closed containment aquaculture. This special edition ASFWebworks gives you the opportunity to explore the great progress now being made.

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With so much detail available, 18 separate blog posts were written, and can be browsed for specific topics. The latest blogs are at the top of the first page. Explore the posts:

BC First Nation is first to raise salmon on land commercially ? and send it to market
Chief Bill Cranmer describes the exciting story of KUTERRA brand salmon, now selling in supermarkets in BC?s Lower Mainland and elsewhere.

Does the first success story have lessons for Atlantic Canada?
Consumers are willing to pay a premium for salmon raised sustainably, and with low impact on the environment. Are there implications for Atlantic Canada?

Land-based Aquaculture does away with sea lice and ISA problems
Growing on land, in ultra-clean tank environments, the problems of parasites and disease virtually eliminate the need for antibiotics and other interventions. Read more:

From Newfoundland to Alert Bay
Beginning at 16:03 of the NL Fishing Broadcast is an interview from a NL perspective with the manager of the KUTERRA project, describing the bringing to market of these land-based salmon.

Land-based is the future of salmon farming say conference participants
Those taking part in the international conference hosted by ASF give their perspectives on the goals of the meeting, and the future of land-based salmon-farming.