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    Default A few days on the water

    First week of the trip, focus was on the grouse and fishing was just an afterthought; now it's time to approach it with steely-eyed determination. Which route? the interstate, a pretty drive in it's own right, or the back roads where I can immerse myself in the sights, sounds and smells and truly become a part, if only for a brief time, of this beautiful land? Easy choice - needed to gas up, re-stock, hit the Taco bus one more time and the speed limit's 70 on the blue highways anyway.

    Heavy olive hatch in the parking lot

    I guess from the air it looks like a beaver?

    My pics don't do this place justice; a stunning site as you drive into town

    Was going to spend some time up here, water I'm always driving by and never fishing, but it was climbing and thickening, so onward

    to the canyonlands

    first look, should have cleaned the windshield

    handsome country

    apparently they'd had a bit of wind the day before; guy showed up with a chainsaw 5 minutes later and we hauled the pieces over to a nice family from Minnesota in a Winnebago next campsite over

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