I would also like to testify about the heart of people on AFOL and fly fishing persons in general. I am still a newbee to fly fishing and tying, and what one thing that has stood out in my mind is the true generosity and truly helpfulness from the hearts of the men and woman that fly fish or fly tie. If you are in need and they can help they are their for you. This is a wonderful web site for new or old comers to fly fishing or tying. When I go to the Healing Waters meeting and can help a new warrior in a task that I have learned from people at healing waters or FAOL or a new friend that takes you fishing with them, it warms your heart to be able to do the same for them that some one has done for you. I am very grateful to all that has helped this newbee along his way to learning to fly fish and fly tie. May God bless you all.