Top left is a milkweed. It is the prime food for the monarch butterfly. This weed/flower lines the roads on the ways to my favorite streams throughout southern Wisconsin.

Middle top is the infamous touch me not flower. Its pods explode and rain down seeds on the one that touched it. Most of my late season streams in the driftless are lined with these.

The right top is a wild bergamot. This flower was dried and used as in a paste for acne relief. They are a very late season arrival on clean pristine streams throughout Crawford county.

Bottom left is a lily that thrives on the Fox Bluff Creek in Richland County.

Bottom middle is a very rare poisonous flower located on Mill Creek in Richland county. It is called woody night shade.

Bottom right is an aster. This flower is a favorite place for butterflies to land upon. This flower resides in Crawford county on Crow Creek.