Today WarrenP, LilJoe, newbee and I hiked to a section of the Duck River that doesn't get much pressure. The hike alone will keep most away and the unusual makeup of the river bottom stops most from fishing this area (nuff said!!). While we had to spend some time hunkered down on a gravel bar during some very scary moments of what sounded like pending thunder storms! We did get a bit wet but the rain and storms moved off to the North East and we were able to get in some excellent fishing in between the Kayak hatch's (one flotilla was at least 1. We all ended up with double digit catch's. I even hooked up with a nice small mouth!!? The Rainbows we landed were of good size with nice bright colors.
All in all it was a very good day. You can't beat sharing a good day on the River with good friends!