This question was asked of me a few weeks ago. I had heard some rumors but I was positive I could find out.
So I phoned an old FAOL member/friend and left a message. This am I had a call back and now have the answer.
Not only the answer but a phone number. So rather than wait I put in my call. Result was a very pleasant talk with
Ron. He and I are about the same age so had a very nice conversation. Both of us have had some medical issues
but are looking foreward to geting in some fishin this season. Ron sounded good. I understand he is not making rods
at this time but perhaps in the future?
Personally, I just completed my Don Anderson, 7' 9" 2 pc, 5 wt. Hex, Bamboo. Yesterday found Char & I out in the shop. We preped the strips, now ready for the power beveler, today we will run them. This one is exactly the same taper, but in a Quad. These will not be for sale but for my own fishin. I think it will be fun to have two rods, the same taper, but one each of Hex & Quad. I plan on taking both of them out on the water in my Toon and doing a true
comparison. Today my high Mtn lake season opens but we have ucky weather. Looks like it should be a good day this next Tuesday. Char & I will try to get out then.