I have just issued the TenkaraBum Challenge 2014 - What can you catch with a Black Killer Bugger?

The TenkaraBum Challenge 2014 stems from the comment "You can catch anything with a black woolly bugger." Personally, I don't think that's true (you might also need a white woolly bugger). Seriously, some fish just eat algae, some saltwater fish eat coral. There are fish you can't catch with a black woolly bugger.

Still, it is the genesis for an interesting challenge.

First, the fly at the center of TenkaraBum Challenge 2014 is not a woolly bugger, but a Killer Bugger - which is a cross between a Killer Bug and a Woolly Bugger - basically a Killer Bug with a marabou tail.


I've done extremely well with a Killer Bug, and the Black Killer Bugger has been a success from the very start. The first fish I ever caught with one was a brown trout of about 17". Where I usually fish, that is a once-a-year fish.


The TenkaraBum Challenge 2014 is a species contest. The angler who catches the most species of fish using a Black Killer Bugger wins.

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