The impact of a "world economy" certainly applies to the " manufacture" and selling of fishing flies.

There are periodic posts here about "How do I get into commercial tying?" Well, it's very tough to do so today as you are competing with the big fly companies who have their flies tied in third-world countries by girls and young women willing to tie all day for a very small daily payment.

I did a little commercial tying at one time. Then, and, I believe now, the standard payment was about half of what the shop sold the flies for. I got $1.00 per fly as the shop sold them for about $2.00.

Interestingly, before we had a world economy, the old time fly tiers did much better.

The Dette's tied their own flies and got about 20 cents each in 1929 which would be about $2.80 in today's dollars.

Franz Pott sold his wildly popular Pott (woven) flies at a premium in the 1930's for a premium of 35 cents which would be the equivalent of over $6.00!!