I had a strange kind of bug land on my truck window today. It had 4 legs and 2 antannea, there was 2 wings that lay flat down his body. But there was also what appeared to be 2 small wings sticking out forward in front of his head?!? I was sitting still eating lunch when I noticed it. It sort of favored a small mosquito except for the 2 wings sticking out in front of his head. The wings lying down the. Ody was long and slim, but the wings sticking in front of his head was round. I took a pic with my phone, but it didn't turn out very well and I haven't a clue how to get it from my phone to a post. I'd say the size of the bug would be around a 16 or so. Anyway, I know that isn't much to go on but I'm really curious what it might be. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,