ASF RIVERNOTES Begins Publication for the Season
With April 15 here, ASF RIVERNOTES begins its regular survey of what is happening on the salmon rivers of North America and beyond. Besides the Penobscot, this week?s story is all about ice.

NB Salmon Council Fears Crown Lands Policy Will Affect Wild Salmon
The NB Government is intent on loosening rules for cutting on Crown Lands, but the NB Salmon Council raises concerns for the rivers and Atlantic salmon runs.

Obama Appoints Two Excellent Commissioners to NASCO
NASCO is the ?United Nations? for Atlantic salmon countries, and President Obama has appointed two US commissioners who are well versed in the issues of Atlantic salmon. The appointments made news as far away as Argentina ? and Seattle.

Pat Kelliher

Stephen Gephard

SAEN Offers $500 Reward for Poaching Convictions
In Newfoundland and Labrador, SAEN is offering $500 Reward for information that results in conviction of poachers.

Trophy Catch and Release Angling
In NL and LB, SAEN is also sponsoring a Live Release Trophy involving more than Atlantic salmon. Check out details:

ASF?s Montreal Benefactor Dinner ? with Dr. Fred Whoriskey Jr.
ASF is presenting on May 7 a very special Benefactor?s Dinner that will include Dr. Fred Whoriskey Jr., Director of the Ocean Tracking Network, and formerly ASF VP Research and Environment. Check out details below, and download .pdf at site.