Last year, during our local town festival, I met a fly tier selling his wares by the river. I talked to him for about 20 mins., and told him I was a fly fisher and tier myself. He invited me to come back the next day and demo his flies in the river for the folks walking around ( I think he figured to get some good advertising time out of me ). In exchange for my time, he promised to supply me with several flies to try out. Being that I am game for any excuse to get out on the water, I quickly agreed to come back the next morning. Sure enough, when I arrived, he ponied up about a half dozen of his creations. The day went fairly well at first, me tossing and him pointing and bragging. "Them's my flies he's a-tossin'". I was feeling pretty good about myself and was doing a little showing off. I could hear the comments of the crowd that was watching ( probably about 20-25 people ), and my ego started to get swell. Then the inevitable happened, I committed a cardinal fly fishing error. Trying to really give a good show, I was tossing the fly under a tree, floating it down stream then walking back upstream to make the exact same presentation again. However, in my haste, I walked BACKWARDS against the current, tripped over a rock, and down I went. The only things that stayed above the surface were my hat and my rod, which I was holding high. When I finally got my feet back under me, the entire crowd was grinning and laughing. I don't think I have ever had a more embarrassing moment. I calmly waded to shore, broke down my rod, and without looking at or saying anything to ANYONE, I walked back to my car, got in and drove away.