Several recent threads/post have addressed some of the problems with "Aging". Some can no longer wade but they have found alternative way to keep Fly Fishing. Shoulder surgeries and hip replacements were unheard of not so many years ago! Now they allow us to continue enjoying the sport. I recently had to have the inside of my right eye repaired (it was coming apart)!
Thank God I had a flat screen TV that I could lay on the floor and lots of books to read so I could keep my head down for 7 - 10 days! This Tuesday I go for Cataract surgery, a side effect of the repair job.
This got me thinking about what would be the greatest loss as we age. I may not be able to wade but I can still fish from a boat and tie flies. The shoulder may curtail my fly fishing but I can still read and hopefully tie flies. The loss on my eye sight means I can do none of the above, not even visit here! But because I still had my hearing I would still be able to hang out with my friends and tell great lies.