And just to throw a little more confusion to the game, in MN they introduced the Kamloops strain of rainbow. They took off and grew fast and did well in the lake but boy could you tell the difference between a looper and what we and most call the lake run rainbow STEELHEAD. It was a joke since I smoked a lot of fish years ago (yes, steelhead, lake trout, and salmon) that the loopers were already smoked when you caught them. They were the darkest rainbows I've ever seen, even being fresh from Lake Superior. All I know is back 30 years ago my friends and I haunted the Lake Superior North Shore streams and kept track of fish. Counts over a hundred in a good year's run were not unusual amongst us, and it was a really bad year if you didn't catch at least 50 fish over 3#s. Then, we'd make a trip to MI in the fall many years and tangle with 10-15# steelhead and coho salmon and 10-30# Chinook salmon. Yep, those were some great years but I'll not see them again because many of the best spots we fished are not privately controlled or accessed only by using ropes and being part billy goat.