Looks like you had a great day fishing and I am really tickled to see that the Reversed Spider worked great for you! If you get a chance, would you send me a picture of how you are tying that pattern? You could either send it by PM or E-mail. Everyone ties patterns different and I am interested in seeing how you tied it. I am assuming you weighted it and assuming you used olive chenille and a size 12 hook?

Since I spent Saturday out at the Arrowhead Ranch helping Partners With Healing with fly fishing with about 75 disabled Vets, I got the fishing "bug" real bad and I had Wayne meet me Sunday at another spot on the Duck River and he caught 14 rainbows. I decided since I had an appointment with the surgeon today, Monday, I would do a little fly fishing for the first time since my shoulder surgery on Jan. 31st, and managed to catch 12 rainbows myself and enjoyed the time. The surgeon told me today that I was doing great and as long as I took caution with what I did with my shoulder and took it easy, he had no complaints. He wants me to continue with therapy twice per week for the next 4 weeks and come back to see him on May 28th, and as long as I continued to improve, as I am, he would probably release me and until then, just take things easy, so, I will be doing some fly fishing finally!

Really happy to hear about your day on the river!