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Thread: Bob Mariott's is now on my no-go list

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    When I lived in LA years ago, I shopped at the Bob Mariott's store. A few months ago I placed a big order of rod building and tying stuff, and when it finally got here and I opened it up, it was clear that customs had rooted around in the box and the loon uv kit I had ordered was slit open and the light and one tube of goo had been taken.

    I sent a nice email to Marriott's explaining the situation, that I recognized it was clearly no fault of theirs, and did they have insurance of any kind, and they promptly sent me a new set at no charge.

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    They have been on my "do not buy from list" for a few years. I ordered a Brahma hen cape from them. Trouble was, they were out, but neglected to inform me. They billed my credit card anyway, then sent an email saying they did not know when they would have a cape for me. Very shady people.

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