Discovering one of my most important fly tying materials may be gone forever, and trying to stock up while I still can. Bob Mariotts had it listed in stock, so I ordered 15 packages. This being 2014, I figured that if the inbox takes it, the inventory exists. Shipping was $7.50 for about $30 worth of stuff, not great but not a big deal.

Go away for the week for work.

Return to an email stating that they only had one package instead of the 15 I ordered, they have refunded 14/15 of my base price and sent the one package. For which they billed me $7.95 in shipping. I now have spent 10 bucks on a 2 dollar package of tying material.

Not worth sending back, but I won't be buying anything else from them.

If they are even there any more. This morning, THEIR website is gone from my internet.