It occurs to me to wonder just WHY does FAOL lose subscribers. Seems like some of them just ?fall off the cliff? never to be heard from again. I know a few instances where there were squabbles with the owners . But legitimate or not, we?re talking an Internet site where only egos may possible be bruised. No money is lost and no purchased products are misrepresented. No REAL reason to take ones ?business? elsewhere. Despite my ?member since? stats, I have been with FAOL since the Moses and wicker basket thing. I?ve seen em come and I?ve seen em go, therefore my wondering.
I myself once had a squabble with HIMSELF over HIS acerbic attack on a subscriber who wrote a very nice fishing report but posted it in the ?wrong? forum. There were a few similar instances before that and I had had enough. I posted my sentiment suggesting that HIMSELF refill the prescriptions HE was apparently out of. And suggested to HIM how he should run his business. Maybe my ?suggestion? WAS a bit over the line and HIMSELF spared NO words in letting me know that. Finally we did come to an agreement. HE: perhaps I was NOT that far off base, ME: maybe I should mind my OWN business. As time has a tendency to do, that wound eventually healed.
As I have stated many times, my contribution to FAOL is more in adding a number to the subscriber list and at times posting something just to raise a pulse. I hope I or any of my opinionated posts have not caused anyone to leave FAOL ( there may have been a few) . I may be on some ?ignore? lists but hopefully not on ?ignorant? lists. But having said that, WHY do folks ?go away??.
I?ve always wanted to ask, ?whatever happened to??????
AND, by the way, what did ever happen to???????????..?