ASF Hosts Workshop with Latest Salmon Tracking Equipment
ASF is at the cutting edge of research that follows Atlantic salmon towards ocean feeding grounds near Greenland. Read about the most recent advances in the equipment.

ASF Research Blog ? Research staff are now gearing up for the field season, and have been honing their skills required for the tracking research.

Al-Jezeera America Explores Land-based Aquaculture
A major overview of land-based closed containment aquaculture was undertaken by Al-Jezeera America, covering the state of the industry, including interviews with both Sue Scott, ASF VP Communications, and Jonathan Carr, ASF VP Research and Environment. Worth reading:

Striped Bass and Atlantic Salmon

DFO has announced the 2014 striped bass season, and many in the Miramichi watershed have concerns that the increasing population is having too much impact on Atlantic salmon. Read more:

New Brunswick?s Acadian Forest Doomed with New Crown Policy says David Coon

Documents leaked from government show cutting will occur on steeper slopes, relax government oversight, and allow larger clearcuts. And there is more:

ASF?s Geoff Giffin Talks about Youth Involvement with Salmon
Geoff Giffin, ASF Director of NB Programs, explains some of the involvements with salmon and conservation occurring in the Province.

Convictions for Salmon Offences in NL
In Newfoundland the courts are very serious about the need to support conservation efforts by taking seriously poaching and other offences. Here are the latest cases: