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    LIljoe, Jack and I went fishing on the duck river today. Warren came down for a while and went back home to do some yard work. He feels bad I think because he still can't fish. Just a few more days and the doc will give him the OK to go fishing. Jack, liljoe and I went down river from the dam and split up to fish different spots. I got the fast moving water and I am glad I got it. Warren had given me the two fly's he has listed on fly tying here on FAOL. Look them up because they will get you some fish. Near the end of the day Jack and liljoe came back up river to where I was and I called to liljoe and told him to come over to my spot. He did and made a few cast and got nothing and I told him to put the fly (Flymph) that Warren had given me. He made a cast and got a fish. Made a 2nd cast and got a fish. He wanted to take a good look at the fly but said it was eaten up pretty good. I told him it should because I had caught 64 trout and 2 blue gill on it. He had only gotten 16 fish before he got to joined me. We were together there about 1 1/2 hours and he finished with 30 trout plus the 16 he had for a total of 46 fish. The state had just stoked the river a few days before we got there today. Here are a few pictures and I think liljoe may post some later. Wonderful day with friends.

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