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    What Jim found is correct. That area is nearby to me. The fishing used to be fantastic. Every thing died off due to increasing salinity, decreasing oxygen, and other factors except the Tilapia a decade or so ago. 20+ lb corvina plus other smaller species. Kayakers would get towed on salton sea sleigh rides. Tilapia die offs are common but the tilapia fishing can still be quite good.

    I don't know anyone who has had much success with flies for tilapia. Bait anglers can catch gobs of them.

    However many of us fish the irrigation canals in the region for striped, largemouth, and smallmouth bass along with carp and bluegill and catfish. Which is why most of us don't chase tilapia.

    Also the fishing in the Colorado river and the lakes along it north of Yuma can be fantastic for the same species as well as crappie.
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