Picture this! You are a Game Warden and are responding to a possible missing person/drowning call. You pull in to the parking lot at the marina and there is one truck with a boat trailer attached parked there. You run the truck license plates for the registered owners name. You walk down to the boat dock and see a single boat parked in the boat slips. You run the boat registration and it comes back to the same person as the truck in the parking lot. You have dispatch call the owners residence and find out no one there has heard from the owner and he should have been home hours ago. You look in the boat and on the back of the drivers seat is a very expensive life jacket. The keys are in the ignition. Where is the owner? Down on the bottom of the lake. The autopsy revealed a large bruise on a shin, a blow to the head, and death by drowning. The owner had misstepped, fallen forward, hit his head, and was rendered unconscious, fallen in the water and drowned. Moral of the story; put your life jacket on and don't take it off until you have loaded your boat back on the trailer and are back in the parking lot tying everything down to go home.