Went to my lab class this morning and to my delight there was no post lab assignment. I decided to take the time I would normally spend on the post lab and spend it on the water instead. Great choice! I vowed to get better at dry fly fishing this year and today it was worth it. The weather was a little chilly with that blasted north wind blowing my face the whole time, but it wouldn't be South Dakota without the wind. I got on the water right about the time BWO's started hatching. I could do no wrong, I would get a hit nearly every cast! I caught more than I could count. They hit everything I threw at them! A few of my dry flies turned into subsurface flies after a few too many run-ins with little teeth. I only left when the numbness in my feet/legs started to be too much to handle (forgot wool socks, oops). I certainly won't be so hesitant to throw dry flies in the future.