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Ed ... dear, dear Ed....
Yes, there is a lot of fly fishing in South Dakota. Yes, there are fish there. Bass, walleye, perch...and creek chubs. There are some really pretty ones that the State would lead you to believe are trouts, but they are creek chubs. Like I say, very pretty, great jokesters. Like TyroneFly says, you can't believe everything you see on the internet. If you believed it all, even that put out by the States, they'd next have you believing there are mountains there with heads carved in them!

Dearest Betty,
Don't try to confuse the issue by dazzling me with pictures of gorgeous girls, although I AM suitably dazzled.
I'm glad you're working on her fly rod. I look forward to the day I see pictures of her with it.

Y'all take care,

P.S. Kisses back to her.