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    Default New 5wt. Rod from River Traditions!!

    I got my new 5wt. fly rod and reel setup from River Traditions, and WOW! It is fantastic! On Sunday I tried out WarrenP's 5wt. Setup from River Traditions and I realized I had to get one. If you're looking for an inexpensive rod and reel setup but one that has great quality and feel, this is it. I can't get over how smooth and effortlessly the rod casts. I'm sure I'm sounding like an infomercial lol but this rod even roll casts like a dream. The reel is great too, it's smooth in the retrieve and the drag system is very nice. David is a great guy to deal with, he had it shipped and at my door surprisingly fast. Here's his website, I'm going to the river Sunday, and I know what rod I'll be using!
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