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Thread: YOU DECIDE - Panfish - Mar 26, 2014

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    Default YOU DECIDE - Panfish - Mar 26, 2014


    I had been invited to a fish a pond where the owner was withdrawing water for his cattle. The owner was concerned that the fish would not survive the winter. When I arrived the pond had been drawn down over four feet. The day before went to the pond we got about an inch and a half of rain; most of it in twenty minutes.

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    simple......its plain "fly-spinning" ..

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    I'll take Blue gill fishing anyway its offered, they never disapoint & are a blast to catch.

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    Answer to question. NO. Would I have done it right beside you in those conditions? YES

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    Did you catch them on a fly? Sure did. And nothing against it. My boy learned to nymph with a small bobber and a beadhead on an ultrlight rig. Is it the legal definition of fly fishing in most situations? Nope.

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    I've often wondered who makes the rules and who gave them the authority to do so?? I would call it fishing with a fly and not necessarily fly fishing in the traditional sense. I believe it was (is?) in Michigan that waters designated fly fishing only allow for spinning rods as long as an artificial fly is used (could be mistaken).

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