Uncle Jesse,

I suspect the reason that I am able to catch those nice big fat bream has more to do with the fact that I'm fishing a 50 acre semi-private that gets very little fishing pressure. Of the fishing pressure it does get 90+% of it is for bass. Last spring, they stocked the lake with Georgia Giants, so in a couple of years, I should be catching some real dandies. They'll be loads of fun on my 3wt

I got to meet Carter Nelson and he showed me his SEM Sculpin pattern. Really nice guy and a very talented tyer. The water I fish in is usually between 4-6 feet deep so I only let the fly sink for a count of five before I start my retrieve. Then I use short, fast strips of about 4 to 5 inches with a 2 to 3 second pause between strips. Really productive pattern. I tie it mainly in black for bream and in bright chartreuse and white or purple and white for crappie.


As far as fishing from a kayak; once you go Yak, you'll never go back.