I had cabin fever today and drove around and looked at some of my favorite streams and did some knocking on doors to find out the background of one of my favorite photos from a couple years back.

The family all but the father died in the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. The father moved back to the East coast after losing his family. The fireplace was built in 1911 along with the structure by a family of four and they had 2 more kids after they built the homestead.

The house was vacant for a couple years. It was a "Speak Easy" from 1920 to 1924 because of prohibition.

The spring thaw of 1925 was a big one and knocked the structure down. The chimney and smoke house still stand. Another log cabin smaller structure was also flattened by the spring flooding in 1925. The land is owned these days by a family from Chicago that deer hunt it.