Figured I'd try the Carnage body on a drake. Wasn't too sure how it would work and looking at the results, I've got a ways to go to get a properly tapered body. This is the first attempt but hopefully, you get the idea; pretty raw but even so, it'll float and I'm going to try find out this week if it'll fish.

hook - Dai Riki 125 #14
thread - UTC 140 tan
tail - elk hair
body - .5mm foam
wing post - Congo Hair white
hackle - barred cream
thorax - dubbing tan

Part 1

poke a hole in a strip of .5mm foam (1/2 hook gap width)

slide on needle (inserted in vise)

coat needle with Mucilin (or wax)

start thread on needle

clean and stack a few elk hair fibers

lay fibers on needle and tie in with a few wraps

trim butts, tie off thread and slide foam up against tail

brush on a little Super Glue