Uncle Jesse posted
"I probably shouldn't do this, as it likely not available in your area. I'm not much of a drinker but this is a fine adult beverage. The brewery is small owned by a couple who were good friends of my son while they were in college. Leslie, the brains behind the operation, has he MS degree in Chemical Engineering, her husband is a Electrical Engineer. BTW, the brewery is in Brett Favre's hometown.

http://lazymagnolia.com/ourbeer.php "

Uncle Jesse, you are required to bring to me two bottles of Southern Pecan and two of Jefferson Stout if you ever make it up here.
I drink very little and when I do, I like to make it something worthwhile. Those two ales look very good. I wonder what Inspector Morse would have said about them...


P.S. To officially render our posters immune to the charge of thread piracy, I open this thread to any who wish to tout a local beverage or three. I heartily invite our posters from the UK, the land Scotch of fine ales, to add their thoughts.