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    Quote Originally Posted by vicrider View Post
    Wow, one time it's swamp witch, Now it's her Royal Highness. Sure know how to play the game. Welcome. Wish we had some ponds around here that could hold a trout in the winter long enough to make them worth stocking. They can be fun. Have you and any of your buddies tried throwing "blob" flies for the pond stockers. Supposed to be a killer for them in that situation worked fast and steady with only short pauses. Hope to try it this summer in a few ponds around where we rent a cabin.
    Betty answers to either title but I figure it is BAD MOJO to use both and call her, Her Royal Highness, Swamp Witch at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Royce View Post
    I know you're new here, so I'll just warn you. We sort of have a rule around here...

    No pictures? Didn't happen!

    Just teasing a little. Glad you had a good go of it!

    o I allways take pictures I know how that game goes. Heres also a pocture of my best trout 24 inches long.

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    Very nice! I still haven't caught a trout near that big and I've been fly fishing (off and on a bit) for 15 years.


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