Conspicuous consumption meets wretched excess. Tied here in salmonfly colors; change as you see fit.

hook - Mustad 79580 #2
thread - UTC 140 hot orange
tail - rubber brown
body - 2mm foam rust, orange, dark brown
wing - elk hair
indicator - 2mm foam orange
legs - rubber medium orange barred

Part 1

poke a hole in rust foam strip (hook gap wide), mash barb and slide on hook (most pics I've seen have all 3 layers on top, but when I try that, I get a lot of rolling, even with liberal amounts of Super Glue; mounting the bottom layer underneath the hook gives me a more stable base)

attach thread at head and wrap back to bend

1 soft loop, pull slowly but firmly (to keep from cutting the foam) to create first segment

lay second layer of foam and tie down; repeat with top layer

cross over the top and wrap back (slow, gentle pull to create segment)

insert rubber for feelers