I'm going to take a stab and say it was 1990. Kindergarten at Millville Elementary was going well. Colors, sights, sounds, words, letters and new friends flooded my infantile neural pathways and exploded into a mash of incoherent repetition of blerbs as I reported on my class to my mother. One lesson was memorable. We were learning about March.

It comes in like a lion with angry gray paper rain clouds, and out like a lamb with Elmer's-glued-on cotton ball sheep and yellow sunshine.

March 2 saw record-breaking low temperatures (-5 overnight, 5 during the day) in Omaha that had us all bundled up, wishing it all to be over. Temperatures have been in a steady climb, and Sunday March 9 is looking to be in the 60's.


Not THAT kind of 60's. Thank heavens. Scare the fish away.

Good to see so many of you hitting the water. Thanks for raising my spirits as warm weather approaches!

Tight lines everyone.

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