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Thread: Suggestions for a digital scale

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    Default Suggestions for a digital scale

    I have a few lines I've stripped from reels I've sold and can't now recall the weights! Duh!
    Considering buying a digital scale to determine the line weights. I do recall the lines manufacturers.

    Any suggestions on a scale that is relatively reliable, easy to use and calibrate, and won't break the bank?
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    This may sound crazy, but.......my wife and I joined weightwatchers. We bought their digital scale which does a lot of different things. But, I also use it for weighing the first 30 ft of lines I forgot to mark.

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    I picked one up on ebay for just that purpose. Does grams, grains, ounces and very accurate. Can't remember the name offhand but there are any number of them on ebay in several different price ranges. Guess cutting drugs is big enough business to make the market lucrative for those scales.

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    Harbor Freight sells some small scales in various weight capacities for less than $10.

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    You need the line scale that ducksterman provided the link to. I have it and it is very easy to use and works great. You will love it!
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