This is a simple scud pattern that I developed back when I first stared tying. I used wire wraps to form the heads of flies instead of beads. At the time, I didn't have any beads and it was too expensive to have a wide assortment of different size beads. So, I just used heavy wire on my larger flies and medium wire on the smaller ones. Being able to vary the size of the wire and the number of wraps used to form the head gave me infinite adjustment on head size as-well-as the weight of my flies. I still tie my scuds this way today in; pink, orange, gray and olive as well.

You can see a step by step on my blog here:
Also my video on tying the KWHScud is on the right hand side of the page.... check it out...

Hook: Allen Scud hook #2457 size 14
Thread: Danville 6/0 dark olive
Scud Back: Uni-Mylar #13 3/64" Pearl
Rib and Head: copper wire - med. 28 gauge.
Body: Red Fox Squirrel dubbing