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    Cool Pattern

    Louisiana boy catches 114-pound catfish, breaking nine-year record.

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2014/03/...#ixzz2uxmS7paY

    The boy used a Vienna sausage for bait. Do any of you skilled tyers have a pattern for a sausage.

    (lol) Tim
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    That would be a San Juan worm tied with fat brown chenille. For realism's sake it would probably need to soaked in bacon grease.
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    To get down in the depths of the "mighty muddy" where that big boy lived you probably need to go with the pattern where you weld a 5/0 hook to an inch and a quarter of 5/8" steel rod and wrap it in tan foam, a matching felt disk on each end to hold the bacon grease would be a good addition. Lob it upstream of your target, don't worry about mending your line.
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