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Thread: Grillo's Later Skater SBS

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    Default Grillos Later Skater SBS

    Simple, high-floating attractor; all that foam, hackle and rubber should push some water and pound up a few. Change colors to suit your needs.

    hook - Dai Riki 280 #10
    thread - UTC 140 tan
    body - opalescent tinsel medium
    overbody/head - 2mm foam tan
    wing - deer hair
    indicator - Congo Hair pink
    legs - rubber medium cornsnake
    hackle - brown

    Part 1

    Mash down barb and attach thread at head

    tie in tinsel

    wrap tinsel to bend in touching wraps, and back to tie-in point

    taper foam strip (hook gap width)

    measure for length (extend to hook bend), tie in

    brush a little Super Glue, advance thread to point behind eye and tie down, then smooth with thread wraps

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    Part 2

    clean, stack and measure (even with hook bend) a clump of deer hair and tie in; trim butts

    tie in indicator

    tie in legs

    prepare hackle and tie in; wrap forward to eye, securing legs

    wrap hackle forward (keep it dense), tie off (a few wraps under/in front of foam will lift the head up), trim, half hitch x 2, SHHAN

    trim head, indicator, legs; go fishing




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