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    Saved this report from last spring (2013). Thought it might help pass the time during the winter months. We left Wiarton Ont. at the end of the first week of June and headed to Sault St. Marie Canada. Since we knew that it would be after midnight before we arrived we decided to stay at our usual campsite (Walmart parking lot on highway 17.
    The next day we headed down to the Sault rapids. Spring was a little bit late
    TB2013 005.jpg Psteele.jpg
    and we had good luck with the steelies still being in the river in June. Pete landed the biggest (and most)
    TB2013 003.jpgbut I think mine was the mostest beautifulestest.

    We continued north on highway 17 for another 5 hours until we reached the Steele River. So far, every time we come here we seem to only have time (and energy) to make the 1 1/2 mile trip upstream through the bush (uphill both ways ) to one of the best holes. The river runs into a magnificent granite wall about 200 feet high and forms a large pool. All of our fish were caught at the head of the pool just at the end of the rapids.
    TB2013 009.jpg TB2013 012.jpg
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