The most important things for saltwater rods is corrosion resistant components and that you like casting the rod. Almost all 7wt and heavier rods available today are so equipped. Even so you still need to clean your gear. I work part time in a fly shop and every 8wt rod we have for $100 and over is fine for bonefish and many other saltwater species.

Your Orvis Frequent Flier rod is fine for bonefish - as long as you like it. The rod will handle 20lb stripers so a bonefish won't be a big deal. The one thing you need to ensure is that all the sections are tight - loose sections can lead to a broken rod.

Now it's always a good idea to have a backup rod when traveling. You can get some very good new rods these days for about $250 or less and even less than $200. Temple Fork Outfitters, Echo, Redington, St Croix, Orvis, and Greys have some pretty good 4pc rods. More expensive rods may have better components and finish, and may have some performance advantages if you have the skills to get get the most out of the rod, but they won't catch you more fish.

If you want to find a mid to high end used rod you might want to search online for shops with upgrade programs. Some shops will take good condition used gear in exchange for credit towards new gear. Some of these shops have eBay stores separate from their normal online stores. Used rods sold through these programs tend to go for 30%-70% of new retail prices.