I am thinking I might want to invest in a flyrod for the salt. I was in Cuba a couple of years ago and while the trip was not a fishing trip (I actually went there to get married), I did manage to fish a little bit. Last month I was in Jamaica, and also managed to get out and chuck a fly a few mornings. Both trips I did catch fish, (nothing big, but still I felt tension on the line) so I was pretty happy, no bones but some fish I had never seen before (lizard fish, stinging grouper and other species, all about 12" long). The rod I have used for the salt is an Orvis frequent flyer 7 pc. 8 wt, 9 ft, with a bonefish line and some flies I put together for each trip. Maybe I am way off, but I am not sure if my frequent flyer could handle a tough fighting fish like a bonefish, so if that is the case I have been thinking of investing in another "better" rod. I bought the frequent flyer as it was a deal I could not pass up. If anyone is familiar with the frequent flyer Orvis rod and has caught bones with it, I'd like to hear about. If I were to start looking for a different rod, what would you suggest?. Keep in mind I would probably use the rod a couple of times every few years so what I will be looking for is an older used good quality rod, affordable being the key word here. Please note I am not asking for what you have available, I am simply asking for guidance. What would you suggest?