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I think it all needs to be weighed. I'm certainly not willing to give the EPA a "blank check" so-to-speak, as they are far and away a political entity as much as a regulatory entity. I am also not simply against mining, just like I am not simply "against" fracking. If the resource exists....go get it. Certainly it needs to be done responsibly and with as little negative impact as possible. Will it be "0%" negative? No, thats not realistic. But the reality of jobs and managing our resources are what they are. If it exists....we WILL go get it, eventually.....come-hell-or-high-water. I know thats not the polpular arguement here, but I can't help but think it whenever this topic arises. Standing in front of dozers makes for good media and movies, but the reality of the situation is a compromised and managed solution on both sides by far beats the outcome of losing completely (which I feel we will) and then having no stake at the table down the road.

Just my 2-cents.
You apparently are missing the massive scale and location of the proposed mine.

In order to seat the dam properly they intend to dewater many square miles of land down to a depth of 3,500'... which would drain both Upper and Lower Talaric Creeks, two of the best rainbow streams in the World.

I am generally pro-development and would love to see them punch a road into the mine for example just to improve access and spread hunting and fishing pressure around some... But I am very much against this mine...