I think it all needs to be weighed. I'm certainly not willing to give the EPA a "blank check" so-to-speak, as they are far and away a political entity as much as a regulatory entity. I am also not simply against mining, just like I am not simply "against" fracking. If the resource exists....go get it. Certainly it needs to be done responsibly and with as little negative impact as possible. Will it be "0%" negative? No, thats not realistic. But the reality of jobs and managing our resources are what they are. If it exists....we WILL go get it, eventually.....come-hell-or-high-water. I know thats not the polpular arguement here, but I can't help but think it whenever this topic arises. Standing in front of dozers makes for good media and movies, but the reality of the situation is a compromised and managed solution on both sides by far beats the outcome of losing completely (which I feel we will) and then having no stake at the table down the road.

Just my 2-cents.