I had to decline the offer of a small flock of domestic, bronze turkeys and a small flock of mature peafowl. The owner was looking to get rid of them to a good home and they were offered for free.
Peafowl make WAY too much noise for my neighborhood.

I need to be able to retire and buy a few dozen acres of sub-rural land. Then I could plant a few acres of trees for coppice, a few more for timber, plant some large gardens/small fields, and some wildlife plots. Then I could have peafowl and exotic pheasants for fly-tying. Thus equipped I could live the life of Jack and Warren and tie flies everyday and fish 3 or 4 days a week. While I'm at it, I should have some ponds and a couple of horses. If I had horses, I'd need a couple of burros to run off the coyotes. My, how dreams do grow.