Kiwi beetle/blowfly imitation; looks like something from a Herter's catalog. Can also be tied as a "traditional" dry with an upright/divided wing but the parachute was a lot easier and still pretty cool. Save your good hackle for something else; it just helps the fly land upright while delaying the inevitable.

hook - Mustad 94840 #10
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tail/wing - peacock sword
body - peacock herl
wing post - Congo Hair black
hackle - black (oversize by 1)

Part 1

Mash down barb, attach thread at 3/4 mark

take a hank of CH underneath the hook, pull up, x-wrap in place, post, clip short, brush with Sally; don't know if the original called for this but the peacock sword fibers need all the help they can get

clean, stack, measure (shank length) some sword fibers

tie in at base of post, pull up/set with thread dam in front, post

tie in hackle, shiny side out; wind thread to point above barb