Took some liberties with Roy's fly
subbing .5mm razor foam for the abdomen/thorax cover. From what I've read, the hooking problems with USD flies, noted by Steven on the Mosley Olive Dun thread

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I can't say from personal experience, but Datus Proper wrote in What the Trout Said, that upside down dries were poor hookers.
can be somewhat alleviated by off-setting the hook point and keeping the wing soft, sparse and somewhat forward.
Tied here in March Brown colors, change to suit your needs.

hook - Dai Riki 270 #12 (Roy uses longshank grub hooks, which I'm fresh out of)
thread - MFC 8/0 brown
tail - hackle fibers brown grizzly
rib - Gudebrod rod-winding thread brown
abdomen/thorax cover - .5mm foam tan
wing - Congo Hair white
thorax - dubbing tan
hackle brown grizzly

Part 1

off-set point and add a little curve to the front of the hook shank

tie in thread and wrap back about halfway down hook bend

even up the tips of a few hackle fibers, measure for length (shank) and tie in

tie in ribbing

taper foam strip (1/2 gap width) and tie in