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    Default Wonderwing Winter Stonefly SBS

    Wife and I were taking a walk the other day, after a weekend of temps in the 50's, and I saw a number of the little winter stoneflies out and about. I've had real good luck with a dark CDC & Elk but wanted to tie up something a bit thinner in profile; this one takes a just few minutes. Dark brown body works well, too.

    hook - Dai Riki 305 #16
    thread - Danville 6/0 black
    body - biot black
    wing - dun hen wonderwing style
    hackle - dun/grizzly

    Part 1

    mash down barb, attach thread and wrap back to point above barb

    moisten biot (microwave 30 seconds in a damp napkin) and tie in (notch down for segmentation); wrap biot forward and tie off at 70% mark

    prepare hen feather - strip fluff off stem, separate a few fibers then pull them back along bare stem


    tie in by tips then adjust wing length by pulling straight back along body (if necessary); trim tips and smooth with thread wraps

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