I got my hands on an cheap, old 2-piece 11 foot steelhead (somewhat 'noodle-ish'- light power/medium action) rod that I'm thinking of stripping down to the blank which I think is right a bit more than 2 oz. Then fixing a regular fly-rod handle on it with as small a reel seat as I can find and put some micro-guides on it. Everyone talks about trying to put a reel on a tenkara/keiryu rod - usually with the line down the center of the rod - my thinking is to create a long rod that can handle a 0000 size fly-line or whatever a Japanese-size #4/4.5 might translate to in grain weight. Balancing the rod with a simple 'click' fly reel on the order of less than 2.5 oz. might make it an easy caster perhaps even with longer lines. I've not referred to it as a Franken-tenkara rod though, but thought of it as more or less a Western-Tenkara (hybrid) Fly rod - or WTF for short.