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    Quote Originally Posted by sagefisher View Post
    Wasatch Custom Angling sells a really nice LED lamp, I was thinking of buying two of them as I like lots of light from several directions.

    In fact, right now their website shows a sale price of $10 off.

    Larry ---sagefisher---
    I would never buy from a company that sells products way over priced like that. That is the same one that I got at Ikea for $10.00 and it sucks for a fly tying light. If you don't have any light source and you just need something, it works ok, but it sucks if your doing some serious business.
    Can't use it for fly tying pictures either. Something with the spectrum of the light just doesn't works and can't even be corrected in photo editing. Also, makes hard shadows that are just impossible to get rid of. I did notice it works better if the light is 2 feet or so away from your vise, but it still sucks. I just wish the good fly tying lights didn't cost so much..

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