Today is the first day we've had in a while when the wind wasn't blowing a gale, so I headed over to one of my bluegill spots. I took the 9wt outfit I just got from David at River Traditions, which is about twice as much rod as I'd need for most anything I'd find there, but I hadn't cast it yet, and since you can't really call a rod your own until you catch a fish with it, I figured I'd even settle for a 'gill. I chased a few carp around with my usual luck on them (none!), and then just as I was about to quit, this fella came out to play. He actually gave the 9wt a pretty good work out!

13-1/2" which ought to go a little over a pound; not a hog by any means, but not bad for the first of the year. I decided he was a good one to quit on! Boy, was it good to get out!