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Thread: St John shad

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    HI folks
    for those who might be interested in learning more about the SHAD family and how to identify each member, locate both west coast and east coast rivers that have spring runs, see fly patterns and tying instructions that work and a multitude of interesting facts, there are a few books that are very helpful. I have two which I have listed below but I a sure that there are others as well.

    Shad Fishing A Complete Guide to Species, Gear, & Tactics
    by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

    Experience the World of Shad Fishing by Lenox Dick

    The Pfeiffer book is really the more comprehensive and deals primarily with East coast whereas the Dick book covers the wesy coast but touches the east coast lightly. Both are interesting reads. I am not sufficiently computer literate to post photos of my fly boxes but if anyone want to volunteer, I will e-mail the photos to them for posting on my behalf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmcculloch View Post
    Uncle Jesse, we have American Shad that are popular in the rivers around Sacramento, including the American River. Most people think they have too many bones to eat, but I've heard some people smoke them. I tried that once but the bones got stuck in my pipe. LOL.
    Any edible fish with too many bones can be minced (ground) and made into fish cakes or patties and are tasty, we did that with Tiger fish in Rhodesia ( Zimbabwe) when I was younger.

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