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Thread: My first completed rod of 2014.

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    Now in S.W. NH.
    Lots of good places to fish around Ft. Wood.
    Rolla is a nice place. 1st stop on the bus ride to the Air port in ST.L. MR twister donutshop I think. Nice Collage too.
    I've been looking online for some time now for the Boo Rod blanks and have not found one that I like or the price is not out of this world.

    You have been having some tough weather the last few weeks.

    Have a good one.

    US Army 90-92
    577th ENGR BN Training Co.

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    I also compliment you on the rod. Those green wraps and stripping guide are especially nice to my eye, and would be my choice for a custom rod, and the burl wood in the reel seat is beautiful.

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    Thank you John.

    The fishing pal I made it for picked out the colors. The trick was reproducing those colors.
    Once the silk wrapping thread is coated with varnish it turns colors. Greens get very dark.
    The original color he picked out looked almost black with varnish on it. It was a little lighter color in the sun, but too dark nonetheless.
    The color that I settled on was a very light green silk thread. Maybe a light 'pea green'. Not very pleasing to the eye at all.
    But once the varnish was applied to the thread, I knew that was the color I was looking for.

    He didn't mention anything about wanting tipping wraps on the rod. I just thought they would look nice.

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